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Posted: Monday, January 17, 2022
First Nations share about importance of water in Great Lakes Virtual Field Trips.

Great Lakes virtual field trips available online

by Donna Blue, Manager of Communications, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority

The Great Lakes play a vital role in the lives of residents who are lucky to call the Great Lakes Basin home but, for many, the importance of these significant natural features is not appreciated as much as it could be. In an effort to increase awareness of the role the Great Lakes have in our everyday lives, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority (SCRCA) created an online Virtual Field Trip. The field trip engaged students on the ecosystem services provided by the waters of the Huron-Erie Corridor and local threats facing their future.

Through funding provided by Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks, viewers are taken on a trip through the Huron-Erie Corridor from the southern shores of Lake Huron to Lake Erie. The trip features stops at the St. Clair River, Bkejwanong/Walpole Island, and the Detroit River. During their trip, participants Learn, Care, Protect, and Connect with the water through insights from Indigenous Water Protectors, community activists, and other inspirational individuals. 

While the SCRCA Great Lakes Virtual Field Trip focused on the Huron-Erie Corridor, other online tools were also developed for participants to explore other regions of the Great Lakes Basin.  
To visit the Great Lakes Virtual Field Trips produced as part of this project, please visit the links below:

Learn about your Great Lakes – through online trips

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority:

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority:


South Nation Conservation Authority:

The Virtual Field Trips were tailored to connect to Province of Ontario science, geography, and history curriculum expectations for grades 8 to 10.

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority would like to thank Essex Region Conservation Authority; Lower Thames Valley Region Conservation Authority; Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group; Ipperwash Phrag Phighters; Aamjiwnaang First Nation; Walpole Island/Bkejwanong First Nation; Kettle and Stony Point First Nation; Detroit River Canadian Cleanup; Leamington District High School Eco-Team; and Friends of the St. Clair River for their assistance in the development of the Huron-Erie Great Lakes Virtual Field Trip.

First Nations citizen sharing about importance of water.

The Huron-Erie Corridor Great Lakes Virtual Field Trip begins with the sharing of Indigenous perspectives and knowledge by members of the Indigenous communities for whom the Huron-Erie Corridor is home.  

There are several Great Lakes online field trips to learn about the Great Lakes.

Participants visit six stretches of the Huron-Erie Corridor during the Virtual Field Trip where they learn more about the unique characteristics of each region, why they are important, and what can be done to help protect these precious resources.