Huron County continues to support landowner work to protect water

(Posted: 2017-04-28)  Huron County landowners, community groups have completed more than 2,236 water-quality projects with support of Huron Clean Water Project

The Importance of Reducing Phosphorus Discharge

(Posted: 2016-06-13)  What Lake Huron can learn from Lake Erie.

Plastic pollution: the solution is you

(Posted: 2015-05-11)  Plastic pollution is emerging as a serious threat to the Great Lakes. Recent studies by US researchers have discovered that concentrations of plastic in the Great Lakes are higher than those in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch � a sea of fl

Citizen scientists help collect water quality data

(Posted: 2015-05-11)  Citizen science often involves volunteers who assist researchers by collecting information. Ausable Bayfield Conservation provided training for the volunteers, who collected water quality data from stormwater outfalls along the Bayfield Main Beach.

Caring for the coast starts with learning about the coast

(Posted: 2015-05-11)  When we think of Lake Huron we often conjure images of sandy beaches and the serenity of gentle waves reaching the shore. Lake Huron’s coastline is really a complex web of interacting features and processes working in a delicate balance, providing us w

Bug study helps monitor water quality

(Posted: 2014-05-23)  Small bugs can tell us a lot about shoreline ecology and the health of the lake. A recent study by the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation in shallow waters along the lakeshore is shining light on what lives in the lakebed sediments.

Monitoring equipment installed on the Pine River

(Posted: 2013-06-17)  Additional monitoring is underway in the Pine River watershed as part of a partnership project to develop a Rural Stormwater Management Model for the Healthy Lake Huron initiative.

Beach water testing: how it works

(Posted: 2013-06-17)  Health units follow a provincial Beach Management Protocol, which includes a pre-season assessment and routine (minimum weekly) sampling during the swimming season.

Lake 's Unique Algae Problem

(Posted: 2012-05-18)  Algae fouling on the Lake Huron shoreline appears to be caused by several distinct types of algae that combine in different proportions, depending on location and time of year.

Water Restoration in Pine River Watershed

(Posted: 2012-05-17)  Pine River Landowners Lead Watershed Restoration Efforts

Parks Canada Protects Lake Huron Beach from Invasive Phragmites

(Posted: 2012-05-17)  Concern over a recently established colony of phragmites (Phragmites australis subsp. australis) at Singing Sands has prompted Parks Canada staff to take action against this invader.

Being Septic Smart! - The Inside Story

(Posted: 2012-05-16)  Taking good care of your septic system will save time, money and worries involved in replacing a septic system that does not operate properly or has failed.

Friends of Sauble Beach

(Posted: 2012-05-15)  The Friends of Sauble Beach (FSB) is a grassroots group of over 100 families who volunteer their time and raise funds to make Sauble Beach a more environmentally and user-friendly beach.


(Posted: 2012-05-14)  A Lake Huron shoreline cleanup article submitted by the Saugeen District Secondary School Planeteers.

Why is Too Much Phosphorus an Issue?

(Posted: 2011-10-11)  Parts of the Lake Huron shoreline, nearshore areas, and embayments are experiencing the effects of such a situation. Elevated levels of phosphorus contribute to nuisance algae growths.



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Cover crops like those shown in the photo reduce erosion, lessen impacts on water,  and protect and improve soil health.
Cover Crops Doing Well in Huron County
Second year of Huron County Clean Water Project's cover crops incentive category surpasses surprising success of first year
Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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