Heathy Lake, Healthy Surfers

Posted: Friday, July 24, 2020
Help keep Lake Huron safe for surfers and everyone else who relies on the lake for drinking water, habitat for fish and aquatic species, and for recreation.

There are many reasons to be a #pieceofthepuzzle in helping to keep Lake Huron clean. It is a source of drinking water, it is a beautiful place for recreation for all ages, and it is also the water that sustains fish and other aquatic life. It's also a place for ... surfing?!!

More and more often, you may find people discovering Lake Huron as a surfing destination.

Great Lakes surfing fosters respect for the lake, according to local surfing enthusiasts.

Tarah Coates, of Surfsup Eco Shop, is featured in a Saugeen Watershed Community Highlight. As owner of the surf shop in downtown Kincardine, she is supporting more people to connect with Lake Huron.

"We love our waves and protect them by connecting our community to them," she said.

You can learn about how important water quality is, to Great Lakes surfers and others, on the Healthy Lake Huron YouTube channel and website (at healthylakehuron.ca).

A number of factors make freshwater waves distinctive - including water temperature; intertia; and wind swell. Find out more about these factors in the video.

Help to support 'healthy water, healthy surfers.'

Thanks for being a #partofthepuzzle and helping to create a #HealthyLakeHuron from #landtolake for residents, visitors, and for surfers.

Find out more at saugeenconservation.com and healthylakehuron.ca